Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last web design post!

Well my seven weeks in web design are up already! The class went so fast, too fast. I enjoyed it all and really learned a lot more than I thought. Being an artist I was already used to noticing bad advertising and ways to improve on that but the rest of the class was so informative. I think if I had to choose one thing that I will take from the class and use throughout life, it would have to be the photo-editing aspects. Using Photoshop was so wonderful to learn and I am still amazed with what can be done with the program. I have already used it a few times with making changes to tattoo images that I created last week and will surely continue to use it for future designing.

So this weeks homework was to finish our personal web site projects. I'm so excited about this, it couldn't have come at a better time for me since I was planning on starting to tattoo again on the side and needed a web page for gathering new clients. Last week our in class assignment was to create our web site using Frontpage editing program which was nice but I really enjoyed using Webnode for creating my finished site. My only complaint about working with Webnode is that I had trouble letting the computer alone! I just kept wanting to tweak everything and I did and will continue to do so. I really love the completed site, I have a lot more pics to put up but for the most part I plan to use it for a long time to help with my tattooing business.

One thing that surprised me the most with the class was finding out about all of the free web 2.0 applications that are available. This blog page for example, such a great way to keep in touch with everyone on your own time. The web site that I made is another great web 2.0 example, free to use and set up and it will be a huge benefit to have for a side business.

For the site that I needed to create for class, we learned that it is best to make up a storyboard first so that you have a basic idea of what you want your page to look like and it takes the guesswork out quite a bit. I kind of did things backwards but I feel it worked out for me though. I used Webnode as my storyboard and then created my Frontpage site off of the one that I set up in Webnode. I still wrote things down on paper and had to modify things because of program differences but overall the pages have the same color scheme and feel along with the same basic concept of being for tattooing. I know I said it before, but I do really like my web page!

Final thoughts of my web design class, I loved it and highly recommend it to anyone in the program. Such a wonderful tool in today's fast paced world. I must say that as bad as it sounds, I was sceptical of taking the class but I can honestly say now that I am so glad I did. So if you want to see what I have learned over the last several weeks, or if you are interested in getting a tattoo, check out Red Lion Ink at

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