Sunday, July 5, 2009

Week 5 - Red Lion Ink is born

Week five we were to gather our thoughts on what web site we wanted to create, well that's easy. I have been a professional tattoo artist for the last fifteen years and have partnered three studios along the way. I am not currently working out of a studio because of my family, I certainly do not mean that in a bad way either, it just isn't an easy business with children, a lot of long hours and I enjoy being with my family way too much to be stuck at a tattoo shop from noon till whenever.

So back to the web page, Red Lion Ink is what I named it and really that name came about as a joke. My wife's uncle has always called her "pink" and when we first started dating he thought he was clever by calling us "Pink and Red Lion Ink," so I figured why not just go with that. As far as the collecting images for Red Lion Ink, that won't be a problem, I have quite a few pictures of my tattooing over the years. For me it was harder to choose which ones to use so my project doesn't get out of hand with too many pics.

I do not have an html editor program on my computer so that left me having to storyboard to help create my web site, well that's what I was required to do anyway. I actually started this project backwards, I made the second web page first and I think it really helped with my storyboard layout. I plan on keeping my second web page and using it since I still tattoo part time when I have the time, so that one will be more elaborate with more pictures and different pages I think I am already up to ten pages on that one. As for the in class html page, I plan to have four pages maybe five pending on the time crunch. I am mainly just using the site to show the tattooing that I have done and basically advertise myself a bit. Since I don't tattoo full time anymore, it will be nice to just give someone a business card that has only a web address on it as to my personal phone number. The overall look that I want to go for on both pages is clean. I just want a smooth clean site that is easy to navigate, I really like the color combination of red, black and grey so I think that is what i plan to work with for my html page.

I could go on and on but that answers most of the questions as to what and how I plan to design Red Lion Ink so the real test comes next week when I officially unveil the web address for everyone to see......

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